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Delivery Region

The shipment of your package is provided by the Georgian post office.

Shipping costs are calculated via the Georgian Post website and depend on the destination country and parcel weight.

Approximate shipment costs of 2 kg package (1 standard item):

  • USA, Canada ≈ (90 + )
  • Europe ≈ (70 + )
  • Australia ≈ (90 + )
  • Brazil ≈ (90 + )
  • RSA ≈ (90 + )
  • China ≈ (80 + )
  • India ≈ (80 + )

Cooperate with your friends, it will make your shipping generally cheaper (Example: 1 FFG federschwert shipment to Germany is 73 EUR, 2 - 102 )

An exception is the parcels over 140 cm in length (for example two-handed swords) which Georgian post restricted to shipping. In these cases, we are looking for different delivery options. (We can send two-handed swords to the USA via Boxette company - approximate cost is 230, and to Europe via FedEx company - approximate cost is 300).

We are making precise delivery calculations after completing the order, but we'll gladly make it at your request at any time.

As Georgia is not a part of EU you'll have to pay import taxes. Sadly, we can't make written data for every country. For example, USA has 0% import tax, France 23% and so on. It totally depends on the country and we can not include your national taxes rules and regulation into the price. Each country has Customs Office and Customs laws unique to it. Whenever you are ordering anything from abroad you should learn about this from them.

! NB: We are forced to get permission from Georgian Cultural Department before sending ANY swords - it may take time around 3 weeks! So it will prolong the general delivery time.