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Arming sword.A sword with a medial rib appears in Europe in the light of the development of fencing techniques based on thrusting and dealing with highly armoured opponents. These swords belong to the second group in the Oakeshott typology. In his opinion, this type of swords originates in the middle of the XIII century, but were fully developed only by the second half of the XIV century. Usually arming sword is used in combination with a buckler and different large shields, also can be used in combination with a dagger. The traditional and simple form of a crossguard, dating back to the end of the XI century and being in use to the beginning of the XVI century, allows the sword to be used in a large number of combinations and situations, even as a sidearm to staff or long-range weapon. Arming sword is also suitable for fencing practice on horseback. The length of the one-handed sword usually around 100 cm.

Sources on the use of such sword

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  • Hans Talhoffer Fechtbuch (~1455)
  • Wolfenbüttel Sketchbook (~1480)
  • Oplodidaskalia sive Armorvm Tractandorvm Meditatio Alberti Dvreri (1512)