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About Kvetun
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About Kvetun
Kvetun Armoury is the leading manufacturer for HEMA

We did fencing for many years and faced a problem: where to get good equipment? There were no options around back then, so we started to produce our own one.

Hence, everything that we are selling now has been tested on ourselves and desired by us." Eventually we managed to gather all technological processes within one facility, producing from a metal bar to a sword.

We have risen from a little artisanal workshop to internationally selling and industrialized specialized facility, which is recognized and loved by fencers all around the globe. Nowadays, lots of events are run with our blades as a standard and we're very proud and happy about it.

Yet, it is only the beginning of our quest to perfection and growth side-by-side with our beloved HEMA community which we are a part of from the beginning and to the end.

All our products have a 1-year warranty. If the blade is broken, we will change it. If you don't want a change, we will refund the money.

Little historical fleur: Kvetun means flower in ancient Slavic language. It was the name of artisans city in the VIII century, famous for metal works.

Our emblem is a dragon, who was on the coat of arms of this city.



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