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The saber, based on the models of the XIX century, was specifically designed for the practice of fencing in military schools in Europe. This model was developed and put into use by the legendary enthusiast and researcher of historical fencing Alfred Hatton. The second model is equipped with a saber hilt, created by the design of the great Italian swordsman Giuseppe Radaelli. The length of such sabers is around 100 cm

Sources on the use of such swords

  • Swordsmanship, for the use of soldiers by Alfred Hutton (1866)
  • Istruzione per la Scherma di Sciabola e di Spada del Professore Giuseppe Radaelli Scritta d’Ordine del Ministero della Guerra (1876)
  • The Swordsman. A manual of fence for the foil, sabre and bayonet by Alfred Hutton (1898)


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