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Colichemarde, also known as konigsmark (it is believed that the blade style was created by the count Otto von Königsmark), is a type of sword that gained popularity in the late 17th century and persisted until the middle of the 18th. Similar in length to the small sword that was popular at the time, the colichemarde featured a wide and pronounced blade in the forte and narrow, often triangular mezzo and debole with reduced edges.

Heavy base of the blade was likely intended to enhance the defensive capabilities, mainly in having advantage in crossing the blades, giving the advantage of mass and stability near the hilt with swiftness of the point.

Today the Colichemarde legacy lives on in the world of historical fencing, where it is still used and studied by enthusiasts and practitioners.


  • Base price: 350
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Hardness: 47-50 HRC
  • Steel: 60C2A
  • Weight total: 530 gr
  • Point of balance: 100 mm
  • Total length: 990 mm
  • Blade length: 810 mm
  • Handle length: 130 mm
  • Crossguard length: 100 mm
  • Crossguard width: 100 mm
  • Blade width in ricasso: 34 mm
  • Blade width at the tip: 6 mm
  • Blade thickness on the tip: 5 mm
  • Blade thickness in ricasso: 5.8 mm
Production time: 1,5 month, counting from every 15th or 30th day of the month.
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