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Easton Sabre Mark III
Easton Sabre Mark III. NoNe.
  • Price: 250
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Blade length: 860 mm
  • Handle length: 135 mm.
  • Ricasso width: 37 mm.
  • Edge width: 2.5 mm.
  • Cup thickness: 1.5 mm (the material until ST3)
  • Blade thickness near hilt: 6 mm.
  • Balance: 115 mm.
  • Weight: 800 gr.

Easton standard goes without a back-strap. You can order it as a side-option. 3 curve types are available. The Easton Sabre Mark III is heavily influenced by the British Victorian regulation practice sabre, the 1864 pattern. This was the standard practice sabre for British military soldiers including cavalry troopers and officers of all branches between 1864 and 1895. Its most notable feature was the 'dumbbell' cross-section, featuring a deep central fuller and thick blunt edges.

These were also known as 'quill' edges and are referenced in period manuals.

The advantages of this blade design are that force is spread over a larger contact surface, edge damage is minimised and good flex is retained in the thrust. Our only notable change has been to add a rolled tip for added safety. In making the new practice sabre we have also introduced a more elaborate hilt, with a stronger guard, having rolled edges, and a grip which more closely matches the feeling of antique service swords. The back of the grip is slightly flattened to provide a better seat for the thumb.

This is a military practice sabre, which in size, mass, balance and handling characteristics very closely matches antique service swords. It is the culmination of a long process of development and testing by Matt Easton and Schola Gladiatoria.

Estimated production time: 6 weeks. Precise terms will be confirmed after order is placed.

Notice: We're shipping goods from Russia. Your local Customs Office may require import tax according to taxes and tariffs of your Country.

Reviews Easton Sabre Mark III
Reviews Easton Sabre Mark III
Production time: 1,5 month, counting from every 15th or 30th day of the month.
Shipping information
  • North America (50 )
  • South America (60 )
  • Africa (60 )
  • Europe (40 )
  • Australia (60 )
  • Asia (50 )

We are shipping internationally from Russia. Roughly each region has base price, that is expanding via +10 EUR per blade. Therefore we're recommending to order along with friends to share and reduce shipping costs.

Please, note, that your local Customs Authorities may issue import tax according to your Country laws.

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