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Rapier from Caino

Yes, it is a reproduction of a blade found in Caino (Brescia, Italy) made with sparring-friendly tensility

You can see the blade description in the report on the Gotti collection: http://www.rapier.at/download/264/ This is the first HEMA rapier from our workshop with a blade thickness of 8 mm.

The smartest rapier blade design?

What would happen if you apply an engineering degree, modern chemical heat treatment, decades of experience in the science of making swords, and a desire to create an excellent rapier?

The answer is boring sore cuphilted failure.


Because the future of fencing can be found in its past. And to be more precise in the rapier blade from Caino in Gotti's collection.

Why is this blade so special?

Like many brilliant ideas, they seem to be obviously simple, when you understand the magic, the art, and the science behind them.

This blade balances itself!

Starting from 8mm thick (quite a biggy if compared to the rest of the flock) and finishing with 3 mm at the point this blade has an extremely well-engineered, precision-based distal taper, producing something like "zero buoyancy" in the hand.

It grants strong blade presence and excellent maneuverability well beyond our best, presumptuously called "superb" blades.


  • Base price: 1 200
  • Weight total: 1425 gr
  • Point of balance: 110 mm
  • Total length: 1270 mm
  • Blade length: 1130 mm
  • Handle length: 70
  • Crossguard length: 270 mm
  • Blade width: 18 mm
  • Blade width in ricasso: 22 mm
  • Blade width at the tip: 10 mm
  • Blade thickness on the tip: 3 mm
  • Blade thickness in ricasso: 8 mm


  • Blade tip: rolled, spatulated (+20 ), rounded (+20 ).

Choose a modification

Blade tip:

Total price: 1 200

With various current logistics issues and war-driven crises in our region (we are sitting in Georgia between Russia and Israel) we are doing our best in "survival mode.

We are deeply appreciative of you, our stoic clients, for enduring an unusual 3-5 month long wait for our products.

Thank you very much for your patience, understanding, and support! We believe that this situation will become better soon and we'll be able to get back to the 2 month queue that had previously been the norm.

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