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Fiore sword

Fiore sword is based on a classical examples of the Oakeshott's type XVa, a late-XIV – early XVth century invention designed for better thrusting and agility of the point. Swords of this type, contemporary with the development of full plate armor in Western Europe, are featured in the il Fior di Battaglia treatise of the famous Fiore delli Liberi, master of arms and a teacher of knights, who left us one of the first books on the matter of fencing. Hence, this sword bears his name and designed specially to accommodate his techniques – using a sword on foot and in the saddle, in one and two hands, easily switching to halfswording and grappling, and of course it fits for unarmored and armored combat styles.

One of the swords that inspired this magnificent creation is a famous sword of the of Edward Woodstock, known to history as the Black Prince.

Sword is made light with edges gradually narrowing down to a point, and the whole blade is supported by a pronounced midrib that gives the blade stiffness and prevents breaking.


  • Base price: 400
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Hardness: 47-50 HRC
  • Steel: 60C2A
  • Weight total: 1350 gr
  • Point of balance: 80 mm
  • Total length: 1165 mm
  • Blade length: 900 mm
  • Handle length: 265 mm
  • Crossguard length: 230 mm
  • Blade width: 40mm
  • Blade width in ricasso: 19 mm
  • Blade width at the tip: 11,5 mm
  • Blade thickness on the tip: 3 mm
  • Blade thickness in ricasso: 6 mm

With various current logistics issues and war-driven crises in our region (we are sitting in Georgia between Russia and Israel) we are doing our best in "survival mode.

We are deeply appreciative of you, our stoic clients, for enduring an unusual 3-5 month long wait for our products.

Thank you very much for your patience, understanding, and support! We believe that this situation will become better soon and we'll be able to get back to the 2 month queue that had previously been the norm.

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