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Rondel Dagger

The rondel dagger emerged during the late Middle Ages in Europe, from the 14th century onward. It found its place in the hands of a diverse range of individuals, from merchants to knights. This versatile weapon was typically worn at the waist and served multiple purposes – functioning as a utility tool, a sidearm in battle, or even in jousting tournaments.


  • Base price: 200
  • Blade length: 316 mm
  • Handle length: 140 mm
  • Blade width: 30 mm

With various current logistics issues and war-driven crises in our region (we are sitting in Georgia between Russia and Israel) we are doing our best in "survival mode.

We are deeply appreciative of you, our stoic clients, for enduring an unusual 3-5 month long wait for our products.

Thank you very much for your patience, understanding, and support! We believe that this situation will become better soon and we'll be able to get back to the 2 month queue that had previously been the norm.

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